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The value of order sets and care plans is intrinsically linked to the quality of the content. Provation's trusted medical content is built with the latest evidence and best practices to help your facility reduce clinical variability and improve patient care. And the best part - it's now available à la carte.

With hundreds of order sets and care plans available, our goal is to meet the needs of all facility types, large and small. With this pick-and-choose approach, you get all of the benefits of Provation's evidence-based order sets and care plans without the software investment. Only pay for the content you need, and be confident in providing your clinicians and your patients with the best, evidenced-based clinical content available.

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Credible: Sources You Can Trust

Point-of-care clinical decision support (CDS) fundamentally requires the timely and accurate provision of evidence. Sources of evidence should also remain transparent so clinicians can trust the methodology used to derive update recommendations.

A dedicated team of practicing physicians oversees and evaluates clinical evidence to create our trusted, proprietary rule sets. The source of the trusted evidence in Provation Order Sets and Care Plans is unparalleled in meeting all of these credibility requirements.

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Need help governing your order sets?

Many facilities already have their order set content, but lack an efficient governance method. Provation Order Set Advisor optimizes and automates the review, management and version control of order sets, enabling easy, accurate order set governance and maintenance.

Want Provation Order Set Advisor or Care Plans software for your organization?

Our evidence-based content and sophisticated content management systems help drive confidence at the point-of-care and improve care coordination. Empower your clinicians with clear parameters for effective patient care, while improving consistency of care and accountability.